Senior Product Designer, Fintech

Job Description

Updated on: 
January 24, 2024
ownpath is an early-stage startup building a curated talent network for designers to unlock opportunities, upskill through mentorship, and grow their professional networks.

We're onboarding product designers for exciting projects, with an opportunity to convert to a full-time role if it's a fit. Our current clients include Hero Motocorp, Juspay, MIT CSAIL.

If you're excited about design, startups, and community, and looking to take a break to work on something exciting and grow your skills on the side, this is the ideal role for you.


● Excellent pay, will be at least 30% better than your monthly compensation as per industy strandards

● Get access to a curated community of some of the best minds in the design industry

● Strong professional growth through access to masterclasses, workshops, and personalised mentorship. See our programs such as the Product Design Fellowship, Lead Designer Fellowship, and User Research Fellowship for details. Our curricula has frequently been complimented for being rigorous and holistic, take a look for yourself on the website!

As a Senior Product Designer, you will play a key role in shaping the user experience and visual identity of our website and mobile app. Working closely with cross-functional teams, you will drive design strategy and lead projects to deliver high-quality and innovative design solutions.


• Drive the creation of visually compelling designs to elevate the overall product experience.

• Apply your expertise to infuse industry-specific insights into diverse projects.

• Lead and mentor product designers, fostering a collaborative team environment.

• Navigate strategic trade-offs effectively to meet tight timelines.

• Achieve a harmonious balance between long-term vision and immediate delivery needs.

• Utilize Indian FinTech experience to make valuable contributions within the industry.

• Collaborate seamlessly with engineers to address technical constraints.

• Conduct independent and thorough competitive research for innovative design solutions.

• Assume ownership of brand and product design guidelines, ensuring consistency throughout.

Job Requirements

  • Leverage 3+ years in Indian FinTech, 6+ years total experience.
  • Craft visually appealing designs for enhanced user experiences.
  • Apply expertise in building mobile apps/PWAs to provide industry insights.
  • Lead and mentor product designers for a collaborative team environment.
  • Meet tight timelines through strategic decision-making.
  • Balance long-term vision with immediate delivery needs.

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