Our all-new Product Design Fellowship


Our all-new Product Design Fellowship
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TL;DR: After lots of learning, feedback from our fellows & mentors, and insights from working with design teams across industries, we’re excited to announce the new and improved version of our Product Design Fellowship!

But first, the big “why”.

We’ve spent time working with design teams across startups and enterprises (Freshworks, L&T, Gojek, Hero Motocorp & more), and we’ve had some crucial learnings along the way. Through close involvement with our fellows – from onboarding them to our program, to grooming them for placements – we’ve realized this: the expectations and standard for designers is now higher than ever before.

The design industry has seen tremendous growth and maturity in recent years, and the bar for what is considered ‘good’ has been significantly raised.

It’s absolutely vital for designers to understand how to measure success, contribute to product strategy, and independently align design goals with business objectives.

Great designers drive business impact

Today’s designers need to create a real, tangible effect on the business. But are they equipped with the necessary tools to lead effectively on all these fronts?

The need for designers to have a deep understanding of business, be able to speak into product strategy, and build & scale teams that compound that impact, is now more important than ever. Design careers are future-proofed when they’re directly linked to growth!

Beyond a fleeting ‘design course’

What does it really take to build a successful career in product design in 2024?

A short-term course might introduce you to the basics and tools but usually doesn’t provide the depth of understanding and practical experience needed to excel in product design.

It takes continuous feedback, regular mentorship sessions, peer learning, and much more - all of which we’ve focused on maximising in our new Product Design Fellowship.

Our fellowship is designed to provide a comprehensive and immersive learning experience, far beyond what a typical short-term course can offer.

What’s New?

Expanded Curriculum

We’ve integrated modules like Generative AI, Product Strategy **and more, to reflect real requirements in the industry, extending the program to a comprehensive 13 modules.

Personalised and Flexible

Begin your journey immediately and progress at your own pace – fast-track and complete in 6 months, or pace yourself over 12 months. You can also choose to place more emphasis on certain modules based on your need, allowing you to tailor your own learning journey.

A New Learning Experience

More case studies, workshops, real-world projects, and a new platform – Teachable – to congregate on.

Extra Credits

Excellence is rewarded. Stellar performers unlock additional 1:1 mentorship sessions, complimentary access to community workshops, and priority access to our Design Collective.

Certificate of Merit

Showcase your performance & completion of the program.

And that’s just the start. We’re offering deeper learning, industry projects, placement support, and a vibrant community.

Who is this for?

This fellowship is designed for:

  • Designers from any discipline looking to refine their product design skills.
  • Designers who are seeking to transition into leadership roles and want to create a tangible business impact.
  • Folks from other careers looking to transition into product design.

If you’re curious about what this could look like for you, take a look at our curriculum here.

Applications are open till February 13, 2024 – apply here.

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