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Work on exciting projects with companies. Get personalized mentorship. Be part of an exclusive  community.
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Why join the Collective?

Work on exciting projects

Design great products and solve exciting challenges. Work on contract-based projects with excellent pay. Diversify your design experience and sharpen your expertise across domains.

Companies we've worked with
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Grow with mentorship

Supercharge your professional growth and unlock new heights in your product design career with hands-on mentorship and real-time feedback sessions.

🚀 Accelerate your professional growth

Attend our live workshops & masterclasses across our ongoing programs, such as the Product Design Fellowship and User Research Fellowship. Request personalized mentorship sessions from our list of mentors.

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Join a curated community

Join an exclusive community at ownpath, where you'll get to exchange ideas, learn from each other, attend in-person events, and develop your professional network.

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Unlock your dream opportunity


Get mentorship from senior practitioners and leaders


Here's how it works


Apply to the program

If your profile is a good fit, you will be invited to interview with us, followed by an interview with our hiring partner. In select cases, we might present a challenge.


Receive an offer

If selected, you will receive an offer with an attractive pay package. The offer includes access to our masterclasses, workshops, community events, and coaching sessions.


Begin your tenure

Tenures typically last 3-6 months. Extensions will be offered upon evaluation by ownpath and our hiring partners, based on performance and progress.

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What can you get from this program?


All-access pass to live workshops, masterclasses, and community events at ownpath

Be part of our ongoing programs, such as the Product Design Fellowship and User Research Fellowship. You can also request for personalized sessions with our list of mentors.


Attractive pay package

You will be paid a monthly contract fee based on your experience, expertise, and the industry partner you’ll be working with.

Opportunity to work with curated & exciting startups

Work with our industry partners to design amazing products. This is a great opportunity to explore new domains and refresh your design skills!

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The Collective is a wonderful opportunity to explore new domains, gain a lucrative contract fee, and accelerate your growth.

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