Fellowship Experience: Ansh Jamdagni

We recently caught up with him to discuss his experiences with the Fellowship and his job role at ownpath. Amongst others, we spoke of the changes he has seen in himself over his journey as a designer.

Fellowship Experience: Ansh Jamdagni
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An important goal for our Fellowship is to pay for itself through part-time opportunities and internships for Fellows. Ansh Jamdagni, a part of C-3 of the Product Design Fellowship, has been interning with ownpath for seven months now - a role that has enabled him in earning back all of his fees!

We recently caught up with him to discuss his experiences with the Fellowship and his job role at ownpath.

Here’s his story.

"I studied engineering and it was during college that I got interested in designing - particularly, visual and graphic design. I joined my college magazine’s editorial team and that was my first introduction to Adobe Suite, the different design elements, basics of designing. It came to me very naturally, which made me feel like I wanted to pursue a career in design.

After college ended, I wanted to make my foray into the design space in a more formal way. That’s when I started making my social media profiles & portfolio and came across ownpath. This encouraged me to make design my primary choice and also boosted my confidence in taking this forward.

My entry into ownpath opened up a whole new world for me because I didn’t know much about the design industry until then. The kind of benefits that come with the Fellowship - of which exposure to the design space was foremost - was tangible in the real world, in my experience with the roles I was undertaking. It was a revelation for me, a sneak peek into the world of design.

In product design particularly, the concept of UI/UX was very alien to me before I joined the Fellowship. Visual design, on the other hand, has been my strength, but user research and testing in the context of a product was something that was very new to me. All the masterclasses/sessions that I’ve attended at ownpath have helped me strengthen the gaps I identified.

About the masterclasses, I would be lying if I said I had one favourite. Every single masterclass, run by an industry expert, was amazing. Each mentor had their own way of teaching us concepts that were difficult to understand. Most of the concepts would be impossible to understand through YouTube tutorials, and the mentors’ efforts in making us understand those concepts are commendable. Some favourites that come to mind are Akshay’s Interaction Design and Manali’s Storytelling masterclasses. I loved Jubin’s creating writing workshop. I can continue to name-drop, but all I’ll say is the masterclasses were so interesting that I attended some of them while I was on a state bus. It’s only because the classes were so worthwhile.

While working at ownpath, I was able to progress from someone who needed guidance for every decision, to someone who could weigh in with his thoughts and would be appreciated for his approach. It's been a steep learning curve but nothing short of a phenomenal experience.

Whoever I am is because of the people at ownpath, my team members, who helped me learn & grow exponentially through my role."

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