Ashritha's Fellowship Experience

Ashritha shares her experiences in cultivating confidence, making friends, and building a career in product design through ownpath's Product Design Fellowship and Design Collective.

Ashritha's Fellowship Experience
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Ashritha, a self-taught designer, transitioned from graphic design to product design through ownpath's Product Design Fellowship. She highlights how mentorship, live classes, and community equipped her with the skills and confidence to thrive, exemplified through her work at Hero MotoCorp which she unlocked as part of ownpath's Collective. Ashritha has since joined HeroMotoCorp full-time, as a Digital Product Experience Designer!

Her story:

"My design journey began in a print agency, where I was a graphic designer. However, my curiosity led me to explore digital marketing and worked at UI/UX agencies. These experiences piqued my interest in creating products that were both functional and visually captivating. Working in product companies solidified this passion, and I was excited to hone my skills further.

It was through a personal connection, Mudita (a fellow from a previous ownpath cohort), that I first heard about the Product Design Fellowship. Her enthusiasm, coupled with the Fellowship's positive online reputation furthered my interest. I resonated with the proposition deeply: learning from industry experts, and connecting with a supportive community of fellow designers. I also liked the pedagogy – it was the perfect opportunity to advance my career and forge my own unique path in design.

The fellowship was a transformative experience, especially for a self-taught designer like me. I overcame self-doubt regarding my design decisions. Beyond exceptional mentorship, the classes exceeded my expectations, perfectly aligning with my goals. I particularly enjoyed Akshay's class on Interaction Design, Mahima's session on Usability Testing, and Vineet's 'Designing with Data' workshop. These, in particular, equipped me with the skills and knowledge to refine my abilities, gain confidence, and advocate for my design decisions with greater effectiveness.

I also enjoyed ownpath’s thriving community! Sharing perspectives and learning from the diverse experiences of thefellows & community members broadened my horizons, challenging me to adopt new approaches. I made lasting friendships and was inspired by my peers, which I feel further enriched my journey.

During the Fellowship, I got an opportunity to work with ownpath’s Design Collective; an experience which proved invaluable. Their supportive structure with efficient communication, clear contracts, dedicated mentorship, and competitive compensation, allowed me to focus entirely on what I do best: crafting impactful design experiences.

Currently, I’m incredibly happy with my work at Hero MotoCorp as part of the Design Collective. From day one, I've been actively involved in exciting projects in the EV industry, helping shape the future of transportation. Working alongside my team has further deepened my understanding of both visual design and product thinking - crucial in tackling the challenges of my role.

Here, ownpath's structured program, mentorship, and resources played a key role in boosting my confidence, particularly in product thinking. Their continuous communication and support during the helped me hit the ground running at Hero MotoCorp.
The guidance I received through weekly mentorship & feedback sessions with Vikalp were extremely valuable in boosting my confidence!

Looking back, ownpath's impact extends beyond the Fellowship itself. Aside from building my skills in product design, the fellowship helped me build my network and find community - what I will undoubtedly carry through my design career!"

If you're looking to make a career transition, or level up in product design, learn more about ownpath's Product Design Fellowship.

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