Fundamentals of Interaction Design (1&2)

This week, the cohort got to experience an interactive two-part session on Interaction Design, conducted by Akshay Verma, founder of Prophecy, Bengaluru.

Fundamentals of Interaction Design (1&2)
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“Design is never done. You are always building to learn.” -Akshay Verma

The cohort had a knowledge-packed weekend as they dived deep into the Fundamentals of Interaction Design Masterclass conducted by Akshay Verma, the Founder of Prophecy. The session started right from the basics of Interaction Design, all the way to the strategies designers can use to explore and prototype their ideas to make their projects more interactive to the users.

Through the two-day Masterclass, the cohort was able to get a deeper understanding of the 100,000 ft. view and the 100 ft. view design strategy as a means to uncover stories from users, collate the information into artefacts, and ultimately experiment with all the inputs from these artefacts.

The cohort was also introduced to the Double Diamond Model method of experimenting with artefacts and was taken through the entire process of taking up a challenge to solve and moulding it to a definable, well-thought-out outcome. But, Interaction design is a continuous process that keeps you on your toes, with newer challenges and obstacles to resolving.

Therefore, it is reasonable to expand the Double Diamond Model and call it the DNA Model that fully encapsulates the actual nature of the experimentation phase of Interaction Design.

Interaction Design isn’t just about putting out solutions to solve temporary problems, it is a continual and endless process where designers have to constantly reinvent and tweak their ideas to keep pace with the dynamic nature of user behaviour. The Masterclass helped to bring up a slew of new questions, fresh ideas, and interesting approaches the cohort could apply to their projects now, and in the future.

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