user research fellowship

Stop shooting in the dark

A 10-week program that helps you develop a strong understanding of the best practices in User Research.

Who is this for?

This program is perfect for designers or product managers looking to


Truly understand your customers

Understand unmet user needs, pain points & desires, and identify key opportunities.

Make better product decisions

Identify your riskiest assumptions and ensure your decisions are based on actual user behaviour.

Create business value

Move faster, identify new opportunities, and drive key metrics through sound research.

Effectively execute research

Learn the A-Z of research execution - from methodology to data analysis & implementation.

Save precious time. Learn directly from expert practitioners.

Learn profound insights and applicable concepts from experienced senior researchers and industry leaders.


A curriculum designed to match your ambition.

Improve your skills through interactive roleplay, hands-on lessons and projects that prepare you for the real world.

Stop shooting in the dark


Where do you even start?


When to use which research method


How do you conduct research?


Outcome evaluation & impact assessment


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Designed to be relevant and actionable

The Fellowship is hands-on, practical, live, and mentor-led to help you apply concepts at work.

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Hands-on workshops
Learn the core techniques of user research through interactive workshops with mentors and most importantly, how to apply concepts at your workplace.
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Research project
Begin the program by picking a project & identifying a clear research goal. Progress through the program by applying your learnings to achieve and assess results.
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Real case studies
Gain an in-depth, multi-faceted, and holistic understanding of user research in its real-life contexts through case studies presented by mentors.
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Q&A Session
Interact with mentors and guest speakers to progress faster with regular guidance. Request one-on-one sessions for personalized feedback.
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Join fellow designers, researchers, and product managers in discussing modules for the week. Interact with alumni & mentors and supercharge your design network.
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Curated resources
Discover specially curated resources including pre-reads, videos, articles, and tools for immersive learning and self-work during the week.
Fee structure

Investing in yourself is the best kind of investment

Solidify your user research fundamentals and build truly effective products

User Research Fellowship


Incl GST. EMIs starting at ₹8.7k

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Live workshops with senior researchers
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2 one-on-one meetings with program mentors
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Access to recorded Masterclasses
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Exclusive access to our design community on Discord
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Live review sessions to get feedback
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Community events with industry experts
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Access to curated resources
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Win scholarships upto ₹20,000

Highlights from our Masterclass with Erika Hall

We hosted Erika Hall, author of "Just Enough Research" for a two-part User Research Masterclass as part of our Lead Designer Fellowship.

Wall of love

Hear from some of our amazing mentors and fellows
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I had a great time working with them. Highly recommended! :D
Caricature of Abhinit Tiwari
Abhinit Tiwari
Head of Design, Gojek
🧠As an Ownpath coach, I found this program's format to be really engaging with a whole lot to offer learners. 🚀 ownpath is going places, highly recommended!
Image of Sameer Bhiwani
Sameer Bhiwani
User Experience Leader, Google
Can't express how much about design management I learnt with @ownpath_xyz ❤️
To all the aspiring UX designers out there!
Image of Fatima
Fatema Raja
Design Lead, Gojek
Love what @ownpath_xyz has launched! This is *the* way to do professional upskilling - doing actual *paid* work for real customers on real world projects.
Image of Sidu
Sidu Ponnappa
SVP Engineering, Gojek
I've been watching ownpath for a while and interacting with grads and I'm super excited at what they're trying to create. They're trying to build a new, different kind of work-education hybrid model ...
Caricature of Chandra
Chandra R
Product Designer, Gojek
I left my job in Feb and have been having literally the greatest time ever the last 2 months learning at @ownpath_xyz from some incredible mentors.
Image of Mudita
Mudita Sisodia
Product Designer, Obvious
There's so much to talk about in what I've been upto for the last two months.
🔥 things so far:
- learning from masterclasses and then applying it to our problem statement
- working with fellows who have become dear friends
- confidence in my ability to drive a design process
Image of Aishwarya Naik
Aishwarya Naik
Master's Student, UW
Having spent quite a bit on design education myself and witnessing how it can be exclusionary, I love that
@ownpath_xyz is pushing to make education accessible 🙌🏻
Image of Mahima
Mahima Chandak
Product Designer, Obvious
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Who is this program for?
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