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Product Discovery Workshop

The last thing anyone wants is to build a product that fails. Through this intensive workshop, you will gain the confidence to navigate the discovery process and build products that people resonate with.

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Build products that people want

70% of new products fail because they do not cater to real user needs. Going deeper into the discovery process can significantly bridge the gap between your product and your users. This workshop will help you refine your product ideas by deeply understanding real user problems and landing on the best way to solve them.


You want to build the right thing

You want to figure out what to build and not just how to build it. You're looking to make the right decisions and unlock as many insights as you can with the time you have.

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Senior or lead designer
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Seed-stage founder
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Founding designer
You are already familiar with
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The basics of user research
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Lightweight usability testing

Make confident product decisions

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Build the right thing

Uncover unmet user needs that no one else has solved for, de-risk exploring bold ideas, and move faster through rapid iteration.

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Find problem-solution fit

Learn to run experiments at the discovery stage and solve for problem-solution fit before product-market fit.

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Expand on opportunities

Go deeper to uncover more insights and validate your assumptions before spending engineering resources.

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Akshay Verma

Partner at Prophecy

Akshay runs an innovation, strategy and design consultancy named Prophecy, leading a team of exceptionally capable designers to envision and build digital products. An alumnus of the National Institute of Design and Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, Akshay specializes in early-stage innovation and digital product design.

Akshay's work has won multiple awards, such as Fast Company’s Innovation by Design, Core77, and a “Best in Show” from the Interaction Design Association (IxDA).

Akshay also mentors startup founders for the global venture capital firm, Antler, and teaches product design at ownpath.


Workshop Structure

The workshop is divided into sections that have some theory, immediately followed by a hands-on activity. Team up with fellow participants to work on a brief, which you will continue to solve for throughout this workshop.

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Where do you begin?
Ice-breaker discussion and key mindsets to develop. Figure out what really matters and stay focused on it.
Primer + Activity I
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Designing good experiments
Understand the essence of iteration, anatomy of experiments, and prototyping methods.
Theory + Activity II
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Planning a user study
As part of the workshop, you will step out of the venue to interview real people and run an actual user study!
Theory + Activity III
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Identifying unmet needs, synthesise your findings, draw out insights, and share your most interesting findings.
Theory + Activity IV
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One more iteration
Take stock of the experiment thus far. Run an ideation session, followed by a user study and prototyping plan.
Activity V
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Final presentation
Present your ambitious experiment and plan for iteration 2. Build an MVP and test your assumptions.
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Unlock the potential of your idea

Product discovery can be a challenging and uncertain process, leading to anxiety about the success of the product and the future of your company. The fear of failure or making the wrong decisions can be daunting. This workshop has been designed to help you overcome those fears and unlock the potential of your product idea.

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Product Discovery Workshop

Date April 15, 2023
Time 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (8 hours)
Venue Bangalore International Centre (BIC), Domlur
Inclusive of supplies and materials for the entire workshop

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Highlights from Akshay's User Research Masterclass

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